Design Your Own Mosaic Dining Room Table

Mosaic is one kind of design which almost everyone says it is beautiful to be put as house decorations. A mosaic table can be a good option for house decoration with colorful and creative stuff, along with its functional aspect. Work with your creativity and you will have it in your dining room. Here are some steps to design your own dining room table in mosaic model.

Mosaic tiles

The number of the tiles depends on the size of your table. If you have small dining room table, you can purchase it in craft store. However you may gather leftover tiles which left by house renovation or purchase it from flooring stores. If you are ready with the tiles, you can break it down to size. Put a tile into large paper bag then hammer it. You need to check now and then to see the size you get. However you may skip this step if you are already have the desired size of your tiles.


The next step to design your own dining room table with mosaic model is start to draw the pattern of the mosaic on the table. Start drawing the pattern from the edges, continue to the center part.

Put Things Together

The next thing to do is putting the glue onto each tile and push it into the place. Keep repeating this process until the mosaic pattern is completed. Or if you have more complicated pattern, you may spread the glue on the table then press the tiles one by one into the place quickly. Let it dry overnight before conducting next step.


Do not forget to put grout when having mosaic to design your own dining room table. Some grouts are pre-mixed or mix it by following instructions. Spread the grout into the tiles spaces. Wipe the excess grout from the tiles while push it into the cracks. Let it dry overnight, and you are ready with your own mosaic dining room table!

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