30 Best Formal Dining Room Design and Decor Ideas

Do you plan on celebrating something? Or just inviting your friends around you to tighten the relationship? There must be an agenda to have a dinner together, isn’t it? Then, the next question is, Where would you take them? Of course, the most practical answer is the restaurant. The food is certainly tasty, you can just relax while chatting with your friends and you don’t need to be busy preparing all the foods.

But, have you ever thought to celebrate in your own home? The atmosphere of togetherness will definitely be more intertwined. They even will feel more at home because of the atmosphere of your home is not much different from theirs. But, well, in fact that your dining room is very simple and narrow too.

Many people are looking for formal decoration for dining room for some reasons. Most of people who choose to design a formal dining room area is a large family that often held a party or even a meeting with their relatives. Or people who love to host a party or even gathering by inviting their relatives or even business partners will love to bring the formality as the eating space.

The main element for dining area is dining chairs and dining table. Number of dining chairs and how large the dining table should be adjusted to the number of family member, so that’s why some of formal dining rooms have a large dining table with a lot of dining chairs.

Because most of homes which have formal dining rooms are classic style homes, they used furniture which made from wood with Victorian style or American Style. But lately modern style dining rooms start to show their name. Modern formal dining rooms still use a large dining table with number of chairs more than another dining room style, the different is they tend to use furniture with simple design.

Storage cabinets should not be at the same place with table and chair, because formal dining rooms would place the storage cabinets on the different place with eating area. But the storage cabinets in the dining room would help you for saving the dining room facilities.

Color of the furniture also affect the impression of the dining room. Formal dining rooms uses warm and elegant colors, such as dark brown, light brown, white, and black.

Designing formal dining room is not easy, there are some factors we have to deal with, especially the furniture. And the first thing we have to think is color and furniture shapes, because that will certainly give the impression to the formal dining room.

However, why don’t we give it a try to arrange it? Here are some tips you can do to arrange a formal dining room to welcome guests :

  1. When you want to arrange the dining room and the table, the first thing to consider, such as, either it’s dinner or lunch, what kind of celebration, the menu will be served and the people who will sit down together at the dining table.
  2. You may need to put a centerpiece in the middle of the dining table, like a bouquet of beautiful flowers or candles which will bring more intimate and romantic atmosphere. However, please be aware of its size, don’t let it hinder the eye contact among the guests.
  3. Don’t be stuck in one style only. Combine a wide range of styles, so as not to be monotonous. For example, you can re-paint your dining room with all the furnishings with a good color combination like neutral colors and bright colors. The important thing is, don’t be afraid to experiment, but stay simple.

You can make the existing dining room look formal and elegant by playing with color scheme. Color is not only great to make the dining room look bright or even dark, but it can also set the mood in the room.

The color on the wall, furniture, accessories, and carpet should be decided in details. You need to decide whether you want warm or even cool color. The warm color is represented through the selection of red, orange, yellow or even chocolate brown. If you want cool colors, you can opt to have blue, green or even white. The next formal dining room decorating ideas are related to the traditional colors. The traditional dining room usually is resembled by some themes like English country, Tudor, rustic, or even Victorian style. The color should be rich and elegant.

You can pick the main color by applying the shade from brown to cream. Darker colors can be used as the accent in the room. You can apply pattern on the wall if you want to carry vibrant effect. The most interesting patterns include fleur de lis and damask. If you want to banish the boring feel of brown, you can add as splash of red or even jade green shades. The last color to set on your formal dining room is modern hues. The color should bring minimalist, easy and simple look. You can have it painted in the shades of white. To make it exciting, add bold colors like lime green, bright red, and black on the formal dining room decor.

Best colors for formal dining room with modern and casual theme always be a number-one choice for many people. But we know favorite color is all about personal taste, so your favorite color maybe different than our favorite color. But let us tell you about our recommendation to choose best color for dining room!

To build a formal dining room with modern and casual theme, our recommendation is to use “safe colors” like white, black and grey. Why you must to use these three colours? First, about white colour, white is neutral and perfectly fit in for every dining room theme you wanna use. So it’s simply the best color for dining room walls you can use. About black, it’s a safe decision too. You can make black and white theme by combine the whine and black colour. You can also make simple and gentle look by add this black colour. It’s simply the best color especially if the owner is man. The last, grey. Called as so-so choice, actually grey color is powerful, strong, great and elegant. It will bring effectively elegant side to your dining room atmosphere for sure.

Well, when applying a color painting for your dining room, it’s also important that the colors or match with the rest décor of room. Make sure the color of furniture living room sets, with curtains or with the flooring decoration fit in each others. You don’t want to make a wrong idea by add two extreme colors in one room, right? Especially for formally modern and casual style.

For extra recommendation, If you wanna use unique paintings to make much more interesting view for your wall, it can be great idea. You can also search another creative ideas from home design magazines or TV shows about how to make a perfect dining room with formally modern and casual colors.

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