Kitchen Cabinets Colors Ideas for Best Appearance

Kitchen cabinets are the important furniture that people should concern in the cooking area. The cabinet is a functional item that you can use to save your valuable things such as china, glassware, kitchen appliances, pot, pans, and many more. Without having a nice and big cabinet, you can make the kitchen organized. It offers you with high efficiency. When you like to have a new kitchen cabinet, always keep in mind the material used to build this item. It can be made from wood, vinyl or even metal. The most popular one is made from wood since it is flexible, durable and fascinating. You can have it in patterned and carved style.

There are many types of woods used by the manufacturers to make the kitchen cabinets such as mahogany, oak, walnut, and maple. Maple kitchen cabinet can be seen in many kitchen areas. People love to pick this item for it can carry high quality of aesthetic values. The surface is totally smooth and elegant. When you like to have it painted, you can have a clean surface since the grain of this wood is totally tight. If you like with natural color of maple, you can pick it in medium or even light tone. If you want to keep the kitchen formal, you can finish the maple cabinet in dark color.

The people who want to have a maple cabinet to suit the style of their kitchen can order a custom based cabinet made for maple. You can have it based on your design. The durability of this material is wonderful. It can last for many years to come. The maintenance of this material is easy and simple to do. You can seal it to resist from grime, dirt, dust and moisture. Thus, the appearance of your kitchen cabinets can last longer.

Before applying the paint to your cabinets, the first thing that you need to consider is the color for the cabinets. Make sure that the color will suit the theme of your house, basically a natural color such as brown, and white are the most common color for the painted cabinets. But you can also use pop color such as blue, green and red to balance the look of your modern kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets are similar to the hearth of the cooking area and kitchen will be the hearth of a residence. There are a lot of colors regarding kitchen cabinets that might satisfy your style.

Let’s focus on a single color that might be ideal for your cabinets. The particular white kitchen cabinets may well really good of you matched it with the any colors. Since white-colored is the neutral shades, it is flexible and will neutralize any shade. You can pair that with the cool shades. The cool shades for the walls will certainly cool your kitchen straight down.

For your fresh colors, there are 2 choices, it is glowing blue and green. Equally colors are relaxing to the eye. The two colors are also soothing. You will be very puzzled in choosing between the two great colors that you want being paired with the kitchen cabinets.

In painting the cabinets there are several tools that you need to have, including primer, TSP, paint sprayer, sandpaper, sponge, glove, and tack cloth. They are necessary stuffs which will need in conducting your DIY project. The first step in managing your own painted kitchen cabinets is to remove the door, drawer front, and their hardware. Then you can take your TSP or degreaser to clean the surface of the cabinets that you want to paint.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to smoothen the dust from the cabinet’s surface which already cleaned; you can also use a tack cloth to clean the remaining dirt. Then you need to attach the first layer of prime after you are quite sure that surface is smooth, and then you can continue applying the second prime layer for your cabinets. Applying 2 or 3 layers of prime is more desirable before attaching the basic paint for your kitchen cabinet, you also have to remember in applying polyurethane as your cabinet’s coat.

Those are the basic rule in managing your on painted kitchen cabinets; you don’t really have to replace your old cabinets with the new one; since applying new paint on it can also create a drastic change.

Refacing the kitchen cabinets can be your best thing to do when you don’t want to replace them. Besides that, there are so many benefits when you reface your kitchen cabinets, you will get money still on your pocket without waste it in the wrong way. So here are some tips for easy kitchen cabinets refacing ideas.

Refacing cabinet is not only saving your money but also save a lot of your time. In the first step, make sure to clean the kitchen cabinets before refacing them. It’s also important to decide the concept of refacing you really want to add. To get a complete fresh look,  you can choose to custom the kitchen cabinets with desks, extra cabinet units or paint the best color and style combinations in both wood and laminate.

Refacing cabinet itself won’t need long time. Usually you only not 3-5 days for refacing the cabinets, different when you decide to remodel the cabinets. You can cover the cabinet surfaces with the final layer of natural wood or laminate refacing materials for one of the best ideas to apply.

What about add storage accessories, decorative moldings or make creative ornaments for your kitchen cabinets? You can explore your creativity by refacing the kitchen cabinets. Make floral ornaments for one of the most creative recommendation you can do or you can add storage accessories for make the new look of your kitchen cabinets. For painting the cabinets, pick neutral colors or just paint with the primer for get a fresh look, although it’s up to your decision to pick the color painting you really want to apply.

But remember that when you reface the kitchen cabinets, you should consider about another items and cabinets in the kitchen area. The refacing result should really fit the color or design look of another items in kitchen area.

Now, kitchen cabinet with various styles and designs are everywhere. Retailers and home design products make so many cabinets for kitchen that can be your best consideration. But how to pick the best yet stylish kitchen cabinets? Here are some tips and trick to get stylish cabinets for your kitchen area :

First, know about the look and the size of that cabinet. Do you want a big, large size for your kitchen area or you prefer the small or medium one? Also considering the look. To get stylish kitchen cabinets, doesn’t mean all about unique décor, but you should take attention to color of those cabinets, the complete usage, drawers, materials and details about the cabinets. Now so many kitchen cabinets come with various colors so you don’t have to repaint the cabinets anymore with the color you want to make. From bold and light colors like red, pink and blue to dark and basic colors like grey, brown, cream and white colors. If you want more colorful touch, ofcourse we recommend you to use vibrant and light colors than dark colors. But if you prefer the dark colors, you still can make a colorful look by accessorize the cabinets.

You can accessorize and décor the kitchen cabinets ideas look by put accessories like vase of flowers, candles or artwork paintings above or on the cabinets. For example, you can put the vase of flowers on the cabinets. It will bring lovely and sweet look, especially if you choose flowers with colorful look. You can put candles too for special event like private dinner time or family reunion. What about the artwork paintings? Put the artwork paintings above the cabinets to make the best décor and look if you want to add more modern atmosphere.

So, you can get stylish look of your cabinets from so many ways, right? Don’t forget to consider about your own budget before you want to buy the best kitchen cabinets in store. We hope you will get the stylish ones!

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