20+ Beautiful Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

If you're installing a new bathroom in a contemporary style or updating an existing bathroom to a more modern look, you'll want to explore all the options for up-to-date, modern bathroom lighting.

Lighting is a key element in bathrooms, which can often be dark and dreary places if light design isn't given enough consideration. Smaller bathrooms in particular have real challenges when it comes to lighting, as they often can't accommodate windows large enough to provide a tremendous amount of natural light. Focusing on lighting design early in the process will help you discover the contemporary lighting scheme that will be right for your bath space.

Modern bathroom lighting fixtures are available in a variety of styles, with a few that stand out for their wide availability and attractiveness. Sconces were once the exclusive territory of more traditional themes, but can now be found in blown glass or stainless steel designs that will complement a contemporary approach.

Track lighting is often a feature of contemporary design, and new materials and designs have increased its attractiveness—many contemporary styles house powerful halogen bulbs in stylish rounded or square containers. Finally, pendant lighting or even string lights can be a great complement to a contemporary bath space.

  • Metallic Lamp Lighting In Contemporary Master Bathroom (View 1 of 19)
  • Modern Bathroom With LED Lighting (View 2 of 19)
  • Creative Contemporary Chandelier And Twin Pendant Lights Illuminate Bathroom Modern Lighting (View 3 of 19)
  • Unique Lamps For Modern Bathroom Lighting (View 4 of 19)
  • Led Under Cabinet Lighting For Contemporary Bathroom (View 5 of 19)
  • Modern Lantern Pendant Lights Hangs Above The Vanity For Bathroom Lighting (View 6 of 19)
  • Classic Lighting Style For Modern Bathroom Decoration (View 7 of 19)
  • Illuminated Bahtroom Vanity Modern Lighting (View 8 of 19)
  • 2017 Modern Chandelier Bathroom Lighting And Cylindrical Light Mounted To Vanity (View 9 of 19)
  • 2017 Beautiful Wall Sconces Lighting For Minimalist Modern Bathroom Lighting (View 10 of 19)
  • Modern Backlit Vanity Lighting For Modern Bathroom (View 11 of 19)
  • 2017 Wonderful Wall Sconces Lighting For Modern Bathroom Interior (View 12 of 19)
  • Simplistic Metal Chandelier Lighting For Modern Bathroom (View 13 of 19)
  • Contemporary Master Bathroom With Light Walls (View 14 of 19)
  • Modern Glass Wall Sconce For Modern Bathroom Lighting (View 15 of 19)
  • Modern Lighting For Bathroom Floating Vanity With Rectangular Mirror (View 16 of 19)
  • Square Beaded Sconces For Modern Glamour Bathroom (View 17 of 19)
  • Modern Bright Fluorescent Sconce Lights For Bathroom (View 18 of 19)
  • Stainless Steel Round Hanging Light For Traditional Bathroom Vanity Lighting (View 19 of 19)

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