20+ Modern Contemporary Shower Ideas

Contemporary bathroom showers are up-to-date, elegant spaces that can be a great addition to any home. They reflect a forward-thinking design approach, with clean lines, geometric patterns, flowing curves and hard angles. They're appearing in more homes as homeowners move beyond traditional designs.

Because contemporary shower design often features a sleek, simple and relatively unadorned style, it is often seen as particularly well-suited for smaller bathrooms. While this may be true, contemporary design is so wide-ranging that it can work in a bathroom design of just about any size.

If your space is smaller, the clean lines and sharp angles of contemporary design may be of great benefits, but these facets can also complement a larger space. An angular double sink and cabinet combination, for example, can fill a larger bathroom while maintaining an elegant, efficient and updated look. In a smaller space, a simple pedestal sink can be a great addition to a contemporary bathroom — and this style is now available in a wide range of materials, from glass to stainless steel and even copper, which can work exceedingly well in a contemporary design. This space-saving design can be a great part of any bathroom looking to maximize both efficiency and elegance.

Materials for contemporary bathroom designs run the gamut, but one common feature tends to hold true — contemporary bathrooms generally feature at least a selection of materials that have only recently become available. So whereas more historical designs might feature traditional materials like wood, stone and porcelain, contemporary bathrooms often also incorporate current-era materials, including synthetics like laminates and plastics.

This doesn't mean they can't feature natural or more traditional materials, but because of their up-to-date design, contemporary bathrooms are definitely better suited than their historical counterparts when it comes to incorporating artificial or "modern" materials.

  • 2017 Modern Relaxing Shower Spa Bathroom Interior (View 1 of 22)
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  • Mid Sized Contemporary Modern Tub And Shower Combo Remodel For Fresh Look (View 18 of 22)
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  • Luxurious Modern Walk In Shower Interior  (View 21 of 22)
  • Contemporary Shower With Recessed Light Fixtures (View 22 of 22)

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