2017 Modern Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Bathroom accessories can add to the efficiency and appearance of your bathroom by providing style flourishes as well as enhanced storage and convenience.

If you're considering adding accessories to your bathroom vanity, you'll first want to decide if they'll mirror the design of your bathroom and vanity or present a visual and stylistic departure. Each approach has unique benefits—contrasting styles can be a great complement to an eclectic design, whereas a scheme of accessories that's consistent with the overall design can create a soothing visual appeal.

Some bathroom vanities come with mirrors attached, but in cases where they don't, you'll first want to consider a mirror as an accessory for your vanity. Depending on the style you've chosen, a striking, romantic mirror with an ornate frame featuring intricate natural designs, such as leaves or other flora and fauna, can be a great focal point.

Storage can sometimes be an issue for bathroom vanities, especially those that don't feature drawer systems. If yours doesn't, consider a basket system you can place beneath the vanity for convenient and attractive storage.

Finally, for the countertop of your vanity, there are many accessory options—including the familiar and necessary range of soap dispensers and dishes—but consider adding some life to your bathroom by placing a natural or artificial plant on your vanity.

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