35 Fabulous Non-Floral Centerpieces Ideas

Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding. But when it comes to creative divine centerpieces for your reception, they are by no means the only option. These are some ideas on how to design fabulous nonfloral centerpieces.

Think about the theme and style of your wedding when you begin planning your reception decor. This can be a great jumping off point when you are looking to design centerpieces that are out of the ordinary. For instance, are you having a beach wedding? Do you love nature? Are you a disco fanatic? Defining your personal style will help you to choose the special elements that you can use to make your centerpieces.

Natural materials work beautifully to create centerpieces for many different styles of weddings. You would be amazed what can be done with branches, twigs, rocks, and moss. For an evening reception, tall centerpieces created from white birch branches look dramatic with tiny candlelit lanterns suspended from them. This is a gorgeous effect for a Winter Wonderland theme wedding with the addition of hanging teardrop crystals to capture the light just like crystal bridal jewelry. A more casual effect can be created by using tiny lanterns in a variety of colors.

Non-Floral centerpieces can be any style from dramatic to simple, depending which elements are chosen for the design.

Candles also work wonderfully as centerpieces for beach weddings. A hurricane lantern with one large candle in it is the perfect base. Add your own personal touches to give the centerpieces style and interest. You can create a tablescape by pouring sand around the lantern and scattering seashells in it for a natural look. Driftwood place cards would be a great tie in to this type of centerpiece. A more upscale beach design would feature the hurricane lantern with faux red coral accents. Silver starfish ornaments could be tied to the napkins and double as the wedding favors.

For brides who love the latest in hip modern design, you can go even farther with your nonfloral centerpieces. Imagine the spectacular effects that could be created using interesting elements like colorful l.e.d. lights and plexiglass boxes. The lights can be placed in the base of the clear boxes to cast a glow onto another material in the box, or they can be used on their own in the plexiglass for the ultimate in minimalist chic. Experiment with varying heights, colors, and materials to get the perfect one-of-a-kind centerpieces.

Your centerpieces do not even have to sit on the tables. Consider hanging something special from above instead. It will keep your tables clear and uncluttered while still making your venue stylish and beautiful. You can rent very unique long chandeliers to suspend as your centerpieces which will also cast a romantic glow onto your space. If you are the creative type, you can even handcraft your own suspended centerpieces using found materials.

Lighting is another great alternative to floral centerpieces. One lovely idea is to set a gorgeous lamp on each table. There are so many styles from which to choose that there is one that will fit in with any wedding style. This can be a great solution if you are hoping to create ambiance in a venue that does not allow the open flame of a candle. The most versatile type of lamp to use is one with a clear base. If your wedding is very formal, you can fill it with glittering strands of crystal in your wedding colors, which will look stunning with your bridal jewelry, or use Christmas ornaments for a winter reception.


Non-Floral centerpieces are especially easy for the DIY bride to craft.

There is no end to the possibilities once you let go of the concept that centerpieces must have flowers. From the very simple to the very ornate, there are infinite options for non-floral centerpieces. These unique creations can be a great way to make your reception stand out from the crowd.

  • Boxwood Kissing Ball Centerpieces With Decorative LED Light (View 1 of 35)
  • Dazzling Crystal Wedding Centerpiece With Crystal And Acrylic Garland And Ornaments (View 2 of 35)
  • Glamorous Tabletop Chandelier With Diamond Shape Centerpiece (View 3 of 35)
  • Glamour Kissing Balls On Top Of Crystal Stand Centerpiece (View 4 of 35)
  • Kissing Pomander Balls Wedding Centerpiece (View 5 of 35)
  • Little Palm Tree Amaranthus Centerpiece For Wedding (View 6 of 35)
  • Cherry Blossom Wedding Centerpiece With Fuchsia Floral Vase For Wedding Table (View 7 of 35)
  • Deluxe Crystal Glass Stand Centerpieces (View 8 of 35)
  • DIY Candle Non Floral Centerpiece Inside The Cage For Wedding (View 9 of 35)
  • DIY Pomander Ball Centerpiece For Wedding (View 10 of 35)
  • Flameless Crystal Taper Candle Holders Wedding Centerpiece Decor (View 11 of 35)
  • Geometric Terrarium Nonfloral Wedding Centerpiece (View 12 of 35)
  • Hanging Light Bulb With Decorative Moss Nonfloral Wedding Centerpiece (View 13 of 35)
  • Hanging Terrarium Centerpiece With Moss Fountain Stone Rocks For Wedding (View 14 of 35)
  • Luxury Victorian Gold Wedding Nonfloral Centerpieces (View 15 of 35)
  • Natural Green Moss Centerpiece Decor For Wedding (View 16 of 35)
  • Nonfloral Wedding Centerpiece Moss Horse Topiary (View 17 of 35)
  • Rose Gold Apples Centerpiece Nonfloral For Wedding Table (View 18 of 35)
  • Simple DIY Non Floral Centerpiece With Square Glass Vases (View 19 of 35)
  • Wedding Cake Centerpiece With Deer Anlter Cake Topper (View 20 of 35)
  • Beauty DIY Candle Non Floral Centerpiece With Decorative Green Tape (View 21 of 35)
  • Candle Centerpiece With Rock For Wedding Decoration (View 22 of 35)
  • DIY Floating Candle With Rock Centerpiece (View 23 of 35)
  • Elegant Twigs Centerpiece For Outdoor Wedding Party (View 24 of 35)
  • Fabulous High Non Floral Centerpiece For Wedding Reception Table (View 25 of 35)
  • Glamorous Glass Crystal Centerpiece For Wedding Reception Table (View 26 of 35)
  • Glass Vases Filled With Apples Centerpiece With Paper Flower For Wedding Table (View 27 of 35)
  • Manzanita Branches With Decorative Paper Butterflies Non Floral Wedding Centerpiece (View 28 of 35)
  • Twigs Centerpiece With LED Light (View 29 of 35)
  • Unique Cage For Non Floral Wedding Centerpiece (View 30 of 35)
  • Vase With Candle And Rocks Wedding Non Flower Centerpieces (View 31 of 35)
  • Wondeful Floating Candle With Flower And Crystal Centerpiece (View 32 of 35)
  • Beautiful DIY Floating Candle Centerpiece With Glass Vases With Pearls And Rocks (View 33 of 35)
  • Attractive Lighted Tree Branches For Non Floral Wedding Centerpiece (View 34 of 35)
  • Stunning Twigs With Decorative Pendant Light For Wedding Centerpiece (View 35 of 35)

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