5 Great Ideas for Your Tiny Bathroom


Regardless of the room, limited space can be quite a problem. This becomes even more obvious when it comes to bathrooms. Tuning around can become quite an issue as you start knocking down different items and creating quite a mess.

Small space will not only affect your interior style but also the functionality. This is why you have to consider everything when planning a bathroom and place emphasis on items that can serve multiple purposes.

Here are some tips that can help you out in the process.

  1. Hollywood mirror

Every bathroom has a mirror. It is only natural to check yourself while brushing teeth or washing your face. Besides that, bathroom is the perfect place for applying makeup.

Unfortunately, common problem for small bathrooms is the lack of good lighting. This can turn simple actions such as using the makeup into a real nightmare as you make small blunders. Luckily, you can easily remedy this issue with a professional Hollywood mirror.

Besides the fact that this mirror is a mirror (duh), it also gives you another source of light. Due to the fact it covers all the angles, it makes it easier to notice everything reducing margin of error.

  1. Using high cabinets

Bathrooms sometimes feel as a storage room. We tend to use it for all the hygienic, liquid and cosmetic products. This makes it quite crowded at times.

Normally, you will add a cabinet or some other item to store all these necessities. However, due to the limitations of a small bathroom, you will have to be very careful. It is much better to purchase a cabinet that is high as it allows you to utilize majority of the space.

  1. Using the corners

Absolutely every corner of your small bathroom should be used. Period.

In most cases, homeowners will put toilet or tub in the corner. However, this still means that you have one or two corners unutilized. Due to the fact that this part of the bathroom is hard to reach and is somewhat secluded, it is best to put minor items in it. For example, you can use ground-level shelves to place excess cosmetic products. You can also use it for mops, cloths, sponges and other items that you use for cleaning the house.

  1. Prioritizing shower stalls

Instead of going for a hot tub, it is much better to get a shower stall.

First of all, they are a perfect fit for the corners. They allow you to utilize the space up to the maximum of its potential.

However, there is another great benefit. When you have a shower stall, you can be certain that water will not leave it. In other words, even if you have a curtain for your bathtub, there is no guarantee that water will not spill outside. In that regard, it makes for much easier bathroom maintenance.

  1. Think about the door

Door is another thing that may cause problems in a small bathroom. Given that we always open the door inwards, it may lead to hitting some of the stuff that is inside. Best way to prevent it is by installing a sliding door.

With sliding door, you won’t be limited with the layout of the bathroom. It will be really easy to access it and there will be no additional worries.


No matter how much you like interior design, bathroom space can pose quite a limitation.

Even if you remove majority of the items and limit its use to the basics, there are still some things to be considered and adjusted for. Hopefully, this article will help you out with most of them.

Nick Stoyanov is a content strategist for HollywoodMirrors.co.uk – a family-run business, established in 2005 by a mother and son team. The company is based in the United Kingdom and sells mirrors with lights online. If you want to bring the glamour to your home this is your place.

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