Bathroom Shower and Tub Combination Ideas

Thinking of remodeling your bathrooms but have limited funds? Does the fact that you have a restricted space deter you from having both a bath tub and a shower? Have you run out of bathroom ideas? The answer to these questions is usually a bathtub and shower combo. Apart from saving you quite a few quid, this kind of bath model is great for boosting the retail value of your home! It gives the homeowners the added benefit of having both things in one place and a freedom to choose either one or both options.

Tub-and-shower combinations offer a great combination of spaciousness and style, and they're the most common of all bathtub installations—found in about 65 percent of homes today. These two-in-one pieces are affordable, sturdy, and easy to install, and they make good use of limited bathroom space.

Often people are unsure how they can use such a combination to make their bathrooms look more aesthetically appealing. A bath tub is a wonderful way of undulating after a day’s hard work. Similarly if you are pressed for time a quick shower can save you a great deal of hassle. Choose whichever way of bathing appeals to you. Above are some great bathtubs and shower interior combo that can be your inspiration and ideas.

  • 2017 Contemporary Apartment Bathroom Design With Bathtub And Shower Combination (Image 1 of 19)
  • 2017 Latest Modern Bathroom Interior Design With Tub And Shower Combo (Image 2 of 19)
  • Beauty Classic Modern Design Combo For Bathroom With Shower And Tub (Image 3 of 19)
  • Beauty Modern Bathroom Boasts Bathtub & Frameless Glass Shower (Image 4 of 19)
  • Black And White Modern Bathroom With Combination Tub And Shower (Image 5 of 19)
  • Contemporary Bathroom With Combination Shower Tub (Image 6 of 19)
  • Contemporary White Bathroom With Tub And Glass Enclosed Shower Combo (Image 7 of 19)
  • Crisp Contemporary Bathroom With Shower And Tub Combo Boasts Floating Vanity & Textured Tile (Image 8 of 19)
  • Freestanding Tub And Shower Combo In Contemporary White Bathroom (Image 9 of 19)
  • Limestone Tile Bathroom With Pebble Floor Shower And Bathtub Combination (Image 10 of 19)
  • Luxe Master Bathroom Boasts Oval Tub And Walk In Shower Design Combo (Image 11 of 19)
  • Midcentury Modern Bathroom With Shower And Tub In One Combo (Image 12 of 19)
  • Minimalist Modern Bathroom With Shower And Soaking Tub (Image 13 of 19)
  • Modern Compact Bathroom Interior Design With Combination Tub And Shower (Image 14 of 19)
  • Modern Shower And Bathtub Combo With Blue Tile Backsplash (Image 15 of 19)
  • Sleek Modern Bathtub And Shower All In One (Image 16 of 19)
  • Traditional Bathroom Remodel To Modern Style With Shower And Tub Combo (Image 17 of 19)
  • Traditional Bathroom Shower And Tub Combo With Ceramic Tile Wall Design (Image 18 of 19)
  • Traditional Bathroom With Bathtub And Frameless Glass Shower Combination (Image 19 of 19)

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